Struggling with Cyanotypes

Today I’ve spent most of the day prepping for and trying out my very first cyanotype prints. For those of you who are not familiar with cyanotype, it’s a process that was one of the first ways of making photographic prints using paper. The name comes from the blue color of the prints (which is super beautiful and dramatic).

These days we can use the same process, but we can update it using new technology in negatives. I’m using negatives printed from digital files. Alas, it’s the printing portion I’m finding challenging! Who knew it would be so difficult to stick some chemical on some paper and lay it in the sun for a while? I’m taking the rest of the day off and trying again tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll turn out better than these!

Cyanotype 1See that big line across the top? That’s not supposed to be there…

Cyanotype 2This needs a little (read a lot) more exposure.

Wish me luck! I need to perfect this process ASAP! Haha!