Monthly Archive: October, 2010

Such Great Heights

I have been to many beautiful places, and very few have taken my breath away but oh my did it ever happen this last week. On Thursday I took the day off from… Continue reading

Playful Duality

I needed a self portrait for an assignment due Monday, so this morning I decided to have a little fun. Since the assignment calls for yet another classic process (Van Dyke Printing) I… Continue reading

Focusing on the Good

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks working on school assignments. I’ve been totally frustrated, first in coming up with decent ideas and then having trouble mastering the techniques I’m learning. On one… Continue reading

Alder Family Tree

Meet the Alder family! This group was a blast to photograph, even with all the wiggles these cute kids came with. =) These were taken at a family event in late August, but… Continue reading

Tea Party

Growing up in my family, the drinking of tea was an extremely important ritual. My mother and grandma would sit and drink tea together, and I remember watching them as a child as… Continue reading

In a Bottle

I’ve been working on a series surround my father’s alcoholism since he left a few years ago. It’s been an effective way to process the things that have happened over the course of… Continue reading