Such Great Heights

I have been to many beautiful places, and very few have taken my breath away but oh my did it ever happen this last week. On Thursday I took the day off from school and work and headed up to the Lick Observatory to do some photography. I have a good friend, Kris Miller, that works at Lick Observatory and he offered to show me around. =) Lick Observatory sits atop Mt. Hamilton at an elevation of 4200 feet and the height makes it possible to see Golden Gate, Half Dome, the central valley, and Monterey Bay. Upon arrival I was blown away, but I won’t bore you with descriptions… I’ll just get on to some of the photos. You’ll see. =)

Lick Observatory View 1

Lick Observatory Abondoned Home

Lick Observatory: Dome Shutter Rail

Lick Observatory View 2

Lick Observatory View 3

Lick Observatory: Visiter Center

The facility also houses impressive telescopes that peer into the deepest regions of space that make the views from the mountain seem trivial.  I am SO fortunate to have had this opportunity and so grateful to Kris that he spent so much time humoring my questions and telling me stories.

Telescope 1

Telescope 2

Telescope 3

First Telescope at Lick Observatory: Shadow

First Telescope at Lick Observatory 1

First Telescope at Lick Observatory 2

First Telescope at Lick Observatory: Dome

Thank you so much Kris for sharing this amazing place with me! I had such a great time! =)

Oh and as a P.S. I thought I would use some of the shoot to complete an assignment for a mock-up magazine layout. So, since I know Kris was curious, I thought I would give a little peek.

Magazine Spread for Phot 123