Book Art

Sometimes I really love my classes at school. They push me to try new things and stretch my limits. I haven’t done very much with bookbinding in the past, just some very basic stuff when I was 13. Luckily my alternative processes class requires handmade books to display the prints we are working on and I have been able to dabble in it some more. I made a book with several signatures for my Cyanotypes, but I post on that book later.

For now, here is the book I made for my Van Dyke prints, “Sticks and Stones”.

Sticks and Stones Cover
I found a strong surface to be the base of my cover (the stiff board that came with large sheets of watercolor paper I purchased.) I selected a couple of pieces of scrapbook paper, cut everything to size, then used Super 77 spray adhesive to adhere the cover boards to the paper. I finished off the inside cover with a piece of card stock to formalize the look.

Sticks and Stones Inner Cover

For the final touches I cropped a couple reject Van Dyke prints used in the book, and created an inkjet print of the title page for the title. I coated the cover with a layer of Mod Podge to seal it. The ink on the title was not all that happy with the addition of the Mod Podge, but I was able to salvage it, albeit with a lot of the ink removed.

Sticks and Stones Cover (close up)

For the binding, I chose a Japanese bookbinding technique and used linen bookbinding thread. To jazz it up a bit and play off the title, I added a twig that I found outside my apartment. (The paper is composed of stone dust, so it ties in the stone element of the title too.)

Sticks and Stones Binding
I like the way it turned out! I think the twig makes the binding a little more unique. =)

Sticks and Stones Binding (close up)

I’ve really loved using this method of displaying prints. It’s polished, attractive, and engaging. I love that it only took about 5 hours to complete the cover and the binding. I will definitely be doing this again with more of my work!