Country Comfort

I was grateful to spend Friday and Saturday in Sanger, CA with a bunch of my extended family. It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere in Fresno County and filled with the typical central valley agriculture. Being in the middle of nowhere is so refreshing to me, so if you are from a so-called middle of nowhere place, please understand that I love that about Sanger. I mean no disrespect!

Barbed Sky

I was lucky to be able to take a little drive with my Aunt Lynnie who took me to some beautiful areas. It was an overcast day, but overall the light played beautifully off of the colors in the land. (I was also happy to have my polarizing filter along with me to help with the sky!)

Stunning Agriculture

I grew up visiting this place, and while I didn’t explore much, I did love the peace that I always felt while I was there. On this trip, the only sounds I heard were the calls of the livestock.

Barbed Grass

Forgive my obsession with barbed wire. My aunt was sure I was going to catch myself on it while doing my dangerously close up shots of it. lol Don’t worry though, I came away unscathed!

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