Show Time

Over the last few weeks I’ve been privileged to have my work shown in two campus galleries! I wanted to share with you a bit of that since it was special for me. =) Getting stuff up in shows always sends artists’ hearts atwitter, and I’m no exception!

The first was for a juried show. A call to artists was sent out to gather entries that interpreted the theme of “Soft”.

I was in the middle of creating my cyanotype book when the call went out so I decided to incorporate the theme of soft into the design. I included pages of delicate fabric which enhances the images by “softening” the look and warming the cool tone of the cyanotype blue. I named the book “Princess in the Well” since many of the images incorporate these beautiful young women suspended in water. I was honored to be selected! =)

"Princess in the Well" Cyanotype Book

Alternate View "Princess in the Well" Cyanotype Book

The other show is a class show for my Photo Illustration class. I was able to display three of my projects alongside my classmates’ projects. I helped hang the show too, which is always a humbling experience and gives me immense appreciation for those that do this professionally.

Mag Layout

Illustration to Photo

For “In a Bottle” I decided to mat and frame it, so the cigarette burns, beer stains, and the broken glass are all intentional. Just in case you were wondering. =)

In a Bottle

It’s always so amazing to see my work on a wall (or pedestal as the case may be) and to see people stop to look at it. I kinda wish I could crawl into their heads to hear what they think. Every once in a while overhear a word or two but I’ve never been very good at eavesdropping. I guess that’s what friends and blogs are for? *wink*