Brown Bagging It

How would you like to re-illustrate one of your favorite storybooks? Well, I got the chance thanks to my final collegiate photographic assignment. I actually purchased The Paper Bag Princess a few years with the plan that my husband and I would draw alternative illustrations for it for a date night. So, when this assignment came up, I immediately thought of this book.

I’m blessed to have access to a great group of young men and women that the camera just loves. For this project, Sheri and Mitchell gave up some time to let me go all camera crazy. =)

I would like to be able to share the whole book, but the dragon I chose is a little sensitive about having his image shared. I would, however, like to share what my very gifted talent was able to provide! These two were amazing!

I’ll be quoting a synopsis of the story from wikipedia to save myself from any issues with copyright.

Elizabeth and Ronald

"Princess Elizabeth plans on marrying Prince Ronald, who is practically perfect."

Uh oh!

"However, a dragon arrives who destroys her kingdom, kidnaps Ronald, and burns all her clothes..."

" that she has no choice but to wear a paper bag."

"Elizabeth follows the dragon and Ronald, and seeking to rescue her fiancé, challenges the dragon to burn forests with fire and to fly around the world."

"The dragon completes the tasks but after flying around the world a second time becomes tired and falls asleep." Elizabeth tests to see if the dragon is really asleep by yelling, "HEY DRAGON!"

"Elizabeth rescues Ronald, who is ungrateful and tells her to return when she looks more like a princess."

"Elizabeth realizes that she is better off without Ronald and sets off into the sunset to live her own life."

I had a lot of fun with these two. They both were pretty good sports, especially Sheri wearing all that charcoal! Thanks, you guys, for a great shoot! You were awesome! =)

I had a blast prepping for the shoot, too. That paper bag outfit is a Christina Brunk original by the way. One of a kind. *wink*