Eternal Landscape

Life is like a landscape.
You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the
vantage point of distance.

– Charles Lindbergh

Gum Bichromate is an alternative photographic process that, for me, requires a great deal more patience than I currently have. These prints have high maintenance requirements to turn out a decent print and messing up a step means hours of wasted effort. So, if you are like me at all, you spend a lot of time making sure you do every step exactly right and quit while your ahead. *wink*

You’ve seen these images before, but I used the gum bichromate process to make them “special”. If they aren’t special, I can certainly fall back on that “one of a kind” line. haha

This is probably one of my favorite books, mostly because I chose to make a dedication (not featured here) and a title page. I think the vellum title page takes it up a few notches in cool factor.

I decided to embrace the “clean” style I’ve been developing. To be honest, a lot of the time I found myself envious of other classmates that seemed to be able to be more free, artsy fartsy, shabby chic, and out of the box than me. Oh well! Clean and simple is me. Might as well do a darn good job at being as precise as possible. That key on the cover is as out of the box as it gets for me. =)

For the curious, this is the Japanese bookbinding technique I’ve used before. I like how clean and expeicially how fast and easy it is. (It gets bonus points for not requiring glue!)