Finished Product

I shared several months ago some of the cyanotype prints I was working into a book and I think it’s long time you all saw the finished look! I did a more traditional looking spine, using handy dandy walk through bookbinding instructions posted online.

The prints are on Arches Watercolor Paper which takes cyanotype really well.
(Click thumbnail to enlarge)

I layered in pages of fabric. The prints are still visible through each of the layers and the fabric changes the feel of the cold and stark cyanotype prints.

This book was selected for a student show called “Soft” held on campus at the end of November. I didn’t include my artist statement earlier, so thought I might here.

Princess in the Well is a handmade book featuring cyanotype prints illustrating beautiful young woman in lovely formal gowns, many of them suspended in water. The pages of cyanotypes are separated by layers of soft fabric and lace, playing on the gentle quality of the young women. The prints can be viewed through the layers of fabric softening the look of each image and providing additional warmth and interest. Each woman carries a grace and confidence that is uniquely her own but each woman is discovered to be a princess in the well.