Lost and Found

I’ve been working on a writing challenge this month and it seems that everything else seems to be way more interesting than writing 50,000 words in 31 days. =/ It’s been great to write, but I’ve been finding myself more absorbed in browsing through old photographs and I’ve been missing quality time with my camera. My fellow writing club members tell me that nearly everything becomes more attractive than writing during these writing marathons. A few days ago, I sewed a button on a pair of pants that have been in need of repair for 4-5 years. Everything is way more interesting than writing.

I find though, that it hasn’t been such a loss, wasting time that is. There are so many great photos that I didn’t end up using for school that have a lot of potential for my portfolio. I’ve been editing them and some have just really come to life.

The below photographs were taken in the process of completing a night photography assignment way back in March 2009. They were rejected for the project because they didn’t go with the rest of the series. But standing alone, I really think they are something special. =)

These really take me down memory lane. Self-portraits are tough in the first place, but splash in a bit of night photography and it gets a little crazy. =) It is however, a great time for ghost images! Yay for long exposures!

I really need to get back to night photography! It’s so much fun and really provides a great look and feel. Maybe after I work myself through this writing challenge I’ll get out the camera and the tripod for some more long exposure fun. =)