Monthly Archive: February, 2011

Subliminal Messages

This city is so quirky. Anyone to call this place dull needs to get their head checked. Seriously, around every corner is a new surprise. Ok, San Francisco. I’ll stay just one more… Continue reading

The View From Here

My hotel room in San Francisco has two walls of windows… =) I may only be 12 floors up, but it’s still nice to look out at the evening sky and see the… Continue reading

Street Urchin

This little guy was discovered on one of my “walkabout” photo expeditions. I try to go on walks with the camera in an effort to see more of the world around me. I… Continue reading

Photographic Parchment and Ink

It’s amazing what a little digital manipulation will do to an ordinary tree outside the office on a Friday morning.

Time Machine Editor

I’ve felt pretty ill the last few days, so yesterday I spent a lot of time hanging around and playing on the computer. In the long hours, a lot of photo archive digging… Continue reading

Website Revamped

I’ve been woefully overdue in getting my recent photographs on my website, but I’ve amended that this weekend. Nice thing about the delay, though, is that I was able to get it all… Continue reading