Monthly Archive: March, 2011


The world is blooming around me. Powdery white blossoms hang in the air like low hanging clouds and gentle breezes bring flurries of petals. The sun illuminates the trees and sets them on… Continue reading

Trip to the Mailbox

Shades of Pale

City by the Bay

A few more from my trip at the end of February.

Farmers’ Market Fare

One of my favorite Saturday excursions is to the local famers’ market. The produce is so fabulous and I look forward to filling my veggie bin with tasty food. This week was crazy… Continue reading

The Art of Healing

Art has provided many applications for those who take the time to create and develop it. Art provides relaxation, self-expression, communicates ideas, and many more wonderful benefits. I always enjoy working on photography… Continue reading

Perennial Profile

When you take something down to its bare minimum, leaving just the contour that defines its shape, you start to notice the beauty that is found in simplicity. The information that remains, when… Continue reading