It’s the small things…

Do you know how many variations of my name there are? Not to mention spellings? It’s a very strange thing to have so many ways to mess up a name. Truth be told, quite a few members of my family still struggle to get my most popular nickname right. Christy… I don’t think it’s so hard, but maybe that’s because I’ve been using it so often for the last couple decades. 😉

Just for entertainment, here are just a few names that I have answered to over the years:

Christine <- popular with teachers… who knows why

Something wonderful happened this morning while indulging in a rare cup of hot chocolate. For this FIRST time, a barista managed to get my name right! I could not contain my joy at something so seemingly trivial. And while I know there’s a Christie out there cursing the same barista for using “Christy” instead of her name, I can’t help but take some measure of pleasure in knowing that a cup of hot chocolate was meant specifically for ME.

Though I know that the spellchecker will still never be happy this the way I spell my name, I feel justified knowing there is a paper cup out there with my name as I intended it to be. 🙂

Christy's Cup

Oh, and if you are wondering who those hardcore people are in the frame in the background, that’s 3/4 of the Rancho Cucamonga High School Snare Line circa 2001. 🙂 I’m the short one. 😉