On the Move

Saturday I spent most of the day with my camera in hand photographing wonderful people. But in the moments when there weren’t smiling faces in front of me, whether because I was waiting for our appointment to begin or because we were on the move to a new location, my trigger happy hands kept shooting.

Here are some of my favorite photos that I took while in the in between moments.

California Poppies

The wind caught these California poppies and made them appear to be flames. I knew that is would be awesome the moment I felt the wind kick up.

Alviso Piers

The piers at Alviso Marina County Park which have the strange, yet wonderful, doorways peppered here and there.

Boarded up Window

This boarded up window may look familiar. I love it so much I decided to feature it in the header of this blog. Though it would be fun to show you the whole frame.

Piece of the Bay

The Alviso Marina is located in the south shore of the bay. This beautiful pond sits near the the bay itself.

Ed Levin County Park Hillside

I love rolling green hills and this was a beautiful view to take in while waiting for my engagement session to begin.