Take Note

What does it take to make a difference? Small and simple things. This past week, I took a skill that I learned and paid it forward by making something that will be up for sale to benefit Autism Speaks. Tomorrow my friends are hosting a community event that will feature many items ranging from quilts, to dolls, to beaded jewelry, to baked goods, all made with the hands of talented and thoughtful people who wanted to make a difference.

I thought I would share the fruit of my labors before they find good homes. Each of these notebooks is 3.5×5″ and  features a Van Dyke print of one of my images. For the binding I used my preferred Japanese bookbinding technique and book’s signatures have some mixed patterned paper sprinkled in for interest. Hope that these little babies do their magic and put a little money toward a great cause.




Lined Up

Inside Cover

Everyone has a gift. Make sure you make time to give a little bit of that gift back to the world. I guarantee you’ll have just as much fun as I did!