Monthly Archive: June, 2011

Becket and Iris- Preview

Let this be our destiny, to begin each new day together, to share our lives forever -Unknown

Fairchild Family

I had a wonderful day today. Why, you ask? Because I spent it in the company of great people who really know how to make my job as a photographer fun! The laughs… Continue reading

Three Lovelies

Meet my dear friend, Maryanne, and her beautiful daughters, Miss Z and Miss A. Maryanne and I have known each other for about six years. She is amazing beyond description. She is a… Continue reading

House of Prayer

I took a trip to the Oakland Temple on Saturday. I’ve taken trips there often, but rarely alone and even less often with leisure time. Saturday I was able to spend quite a… Continue reading

Feeling Fishy

I *heart* my new fisheye. *heart* it, I tell you!

New Toys

Not much to say, other than I am one lucky girl. I needed another camera body for the wedding I’m photographing in a week in a half…Shucks, huh? =) Also joining the party… Continue reading

Pink Lemonade

I went to a garden party yesterday hosted by the women’s organization at our church. They always do such a great job making these fun events and I really loved their centerpieces this… Continue reading

Dena McMurdie Studios

This morning I had the pleasure to do something new, photograph fine art created by Dena McMurdie. Dena is a painter and illustrator and an all around amazing human being! She has been… Continue reading

Garden Blooms- Wordless Wednesday

How to Photograph a Waterscape

You are in a beautiful place, surrounded by moving water. You have your camera with you, but somehow every time you click the shutter, it doesn’t seem to represent the serenity you are… Continue reading