Dena McMurdie Studios

This morning I had the pleasure to do something new, photograph fine art created by Dena McMurdie. Dena is a painter and illustrator and an all around amazing human being! She has been incredibly helpful as I dive into the professional art world, giving me great advice and countless tips on opportunities. I’m lucky to have her as a friend!

Like I said, it was my first time doing this type of work. I had most of what I needed in terms of lighting and lens filters, but had to do without polarized film for the lighting. (Maybe for my next photography equipment splurge). Overall though, we both feel these turned out pretty well. The colors are true to life and the texture comes through really well at high res. =) Dena will be using these photographs for reproductions and advertizing. minus my little watermark of course.

Joseph Smith- Dena McMurdie Studios

Joseph Smith: Click image to view @

For the Win- Dena McMurdie Studios

For the Win: Click image to view @

Snow Covered Fence- Dena McMurdie Studios

Snow Covered Fence: Click image to view @

This last one Dena wanted to see how well we could do with a framed piece. Overall, I think we did pretty well!

Autumn Brilliance- Dena McMurdie Studios

Autumn Brilliance: Click image to view @

Find more of Dena’s amazing artwork at and illustrations at!