Monthly Archive: July, 2011

Everyday Beauty

I have the pleasure of knowing some amazingly beautiful young ladies. They make me feel young and remind me of all the promise our lives hold. Today I asked that they help relieve… Continue reading

A Place to Call Home

We’ve moved! We have been living in a dark, little one bedroom apartment for the last six years. It was the perfect size for my husband and I, just enough room not to… Continue reading

Afternoon Snack

You know you want a bite! =) Pound Cake with Mixed Berries Ready In: 10 minutes Makes 8 servings (one slice of pound cake, one cup of berries) Ingredients: 1 package (10.75 ounces)… Continue reading

Tweet with Me

I finally did it! I signed up for a Twitter account for my photography. You can follow along with “What’s New” even easier than before! *wink* Click Here to find my profile Username:… Continue reading

One Love Shared by Two

There is an invisible tether that links people in love. It is there when there is only a breath between them and it is there when a gulf separates them. There was no… Continue reading

Hawaiian Diversion- Part Three

Breathing underwater. Can you think of anything so unnatural? I can’t! My first attempt at this feat was with Snuba, an underwater adventure that utilizes an oxygen tank on a raft and a… Continue reading

Hawaiian Diversion- Part Two

Hope you enjoyed the flowers and surf in the last post! I had such a wonderful time there and I really try to share all that I felt while I was there. The… Continue reading

Hawaiian Diversion- Part One

Did you miss me? I haven’t been posting as often as usual because I found myself in paradise. Although it would be great to blog from Oahu, I found myself otherwise occupied. Forgive… Continue reading