Hawaiian Diversion- Part Two

Hope you enjoyed the flowers and surf in the last post! I had such a wonderful time there and I really try to share all that I felt while I was there. The photographs don’t always carry the message, but I will never get tried of clicking that shutter!

This time I wanted to show you just a bit of the Big Island. We went on a helicopter tour of part of the island with Sunshine Helicopter Tours. It was my first time in a helicopter and it wasn’t as scary as I expected!

Sunshine Helicopter

We flew over the Kohala mountains, the oldest part of the island. There were beautiful waterfalls, dramatic bluffs, and the lush rainforest all spread out wide before me. Unfortunately, there was quiet a bit of reflection from the windows and it spoiled quite a few shots, but I was able to get a few.

Hamakua Coast NorthFallsKohala Mountain RangeHamakua Coast SouthRangeAfter the tour, we had a bit of time before we needed to head back to the airport to return to Oahu, so we went to get something to eat at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. As we tried to find our way to an open restaurant, I found a couple of views irresistible.

Check out this skylight in the main lobby. =)

Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel Skylight

Here’s an A-MAZ-ING view from a main balcony of the hotel. I wish I could have stayed here long enough for a fruity drink and a lounge chair while I drank in the scene. At least I’ve got the picture! =)
Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel ViewHere’s just one more from the drive back. I loved all the black rock along Queen Kaahumanu Highway.

Queen Kaahumanu Highway Drive