Hawaiian Diversion- Part Three

Breathing underwater. Can you think of anything so unnatural? I can’t!

My first attempt at this feat was with Snuba, an underwater adventure that utilizes an oxygen tank on a raft and a line down to a regulator that allows someone like me to go up to 20 feet underwater.

I completely freaked out at first! On an instinctual level, my body and mind rebelled against me. No matter how many stress exercises I tried, I could not get past the fact that everything inside me was screaming, “This is WRONG!”

After a bit of time though, I was able to suppress the feeling long enough to prove to myself that it was, in fact, possible. It was amazing down there. There were schools of fish that were close enough to reach out and touch; I was a good girl and kept my hands to myself though! A turtle made it’s way by me and swam gracefully on it’s way. I was so glad I stuck with it and didn’t let my primal instinct rob me of the opportunity.

After conquering Snuba, I was determined to go snorkeling. A few days later I had my head down in the water in Hanauma Bay and my waterproof point and shoot camera firing.

Self Portrait

I haven’t done a lot of underwater work before. It certainly presents it’s own challenges, but I was enjoying myself so much it really didn’t matter to me if they came out or not. Even now, I’m just proud that I was able to do it at all!

Fish 1CoralFish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5I know it seems silly, but I was honored, in a way, to be sharing the same space with these animals. They were so gentle and beautiful. The colors were so vibrant and lovely. The experience was soothing and relaxing.

Breathing underwater? Sure… as long as I can swim with the fishes! =)