One Love Shared by Two

There is an invisible tether that links people in love. It is there when there is only a breath between them and it is there when a gulf separates them. There was no mistaking the link between Becket and Iris as I observed them prepare for and enjoy this unforgettable day.

Finishing TouchesYou know signs. The light the her eyes at the mention of his name. The butterflies that stir as she contemplates their future together. The tranquility on his face as he holds her in his arms. The signs were all there on this beautiful June afternoon.

Lacing the Dress

ProfileGoing to the ChurchYou can feel it in the stillness of the silence as a prayer of union is uttered. The bond growing stronger, their love pulling them closer.


Blissful Kiss

HappinessRingsDip and a KissWhen you see the love surrounding them, you can feel the confidence of their dear ones with them.

Mother and Son DanceTogetherThe tether holds them close and keeps them strong when far apart. Invisible and untarnished it will bind them in lifelong, ever-present love.

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