A Place to Call Home

We’ve moved! We have been living in a dark, little one bedroom apartment for the last six years. It was the perfect size for my husband and I, just enough room not to step on each other and very cave-like (which my husband LOVED).

Now that we’re both done with school and are gainfully employed, we’re ready for new adventures! For us, that starts with a new place to live!

We were super fortunate that we were offered to rent a home in the same area we’ve been living these past six years. It has SO much light pouring in the windows (which I LOVE) and just enough space to accommodate our new adventures (photography business, adoption, a doggie, and so on). Did I mention it has an amazing backyard with a lawn and fruit trees? *happy place*

This is the photo I took for our “We’ve Moved” cards. I know it’s a lot of lens flare, but I just had to convey how bright this place is in real life and how it’s going to make our dreams possible. My husband has accused me of channeling J.J. Abrams, but I stand by my artistic reasoning for it! *wink*

New PlaceI have seen myself as a picket fence type of girl, but OH how I love it. The beautiful brick stairs are flanked by two hydrangea bushes that add a nice punch of color to the front. All of the windows have white shutters on them and are an amazing feature in each room, especially as I begin to paint the interior walls. =)

I’ll be able to snap shots of the interior in the next few weeks, as I get them completed. There is still more painting to get done and more furniture pieces to choose, but so far I’m really happy!

It’s cliche, but Dorothy was right; there’s no place like home! =)