Armed Force of Nature

This is my baby sister, Sarah. She is the heart and soul of our family, a wellspring of hope and beauty. She’s also a proud member of the United States Army.

Words cannot describe how immensely honored I am to have her as my sister. I tear up thinking about how hard she’s worked in the last several months to provide for her family and to serve her country.

She’s leaving for Korea soon, so a visit with her this weekend was dearly needed. We worked on some new pictures of her, since the ones from Basic didn’t speak to who she was. We all agreed that these were much more “her”, including my mom. We all know that a military mom gets the final stamp of approval. =)

Sarah in Dress BluesSarah in ACUs

I *love* this one. I had no idea they put names on the back of the their covers.

Private Rodrigues

Strength and beauty do exist together. Case in point.