Photographic Kindling- Demure Boudoir Photography

My sister and her husband are both serve in the military and, as such, they are spending a lot of time apart. Since the last time they saw each other was when basic began in March, Sarah and I devised a brilliant scheme… to work on some boudoir photography to surprise him with when they finally saw each other this week.

We went through the images together and decided what we both felt comfortable having on the blog, but just so you know, my style is always tasteful. Just some flirtation and demure charm is all it takes!  *wink*

Without further ado, the gorgeous Sarah.

SarahSarahSarahSarahSarahSarahSarahSarahCan I just say, I’m not entirely sure we are biologically related. *wink* If we are, she definitely took more than her fair share of the pretty genes. =)