Where’s the Penguin?

I have been known to do just about anything to get a good shot. I’m willing to make a fool of myself, make bad jokes, do a little dancing, flatter like crazy, turn into one of the Wiggles with songs and animal noises, beg, bribe…

And yes, I tell little children that there is a penguin living in my camera. I explain that the sound of the shutter was actually the penguin making noises. I got permission from this little guys mom to post his photos to give you a taste of the process behind the portrait. =)

You ask for a smile, and a lot of time you are going to get something like this. It’s the child version of camera-face, as I call it. Insanely cute, but not exactly what we’re expecting, right?

Mr. A's Camera FaceThen you tell the kid that there’s something inside your camera. I picked a tiny little penguin and totally played it up. This breaks down the camera-face and you get more of the true spirit of the child. Sweet and pure, with a touch of curiosity. =)

Mr. AThe catch is that you have to be quick, because within a few seconds this happens.

Mr. A looks for a PenguinAnd then this.

Hey! Are you there?=) I love being a photographer.