Innocence on Earth – Bay Area Newborn Photography

A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men.

-Martin Fraquhar Tupper

How do I get so lucky as to spend my time with beauty like this? I can tell you, nothing I’ve done could be so good to have earned it. I’m loving how precious these newborn shoots are!

Flower Girl

You’ve got to have a strong will to mess with a sleeping baby. Not long after the shot below, I tried to change things up and ended up with a inconsolable bundle of sadness. =( The guilt just tears at you, but then you see the images. Then you feel guilty thinking it might have been worth it. Sigh… =/

Sleeping Beauty

Momma helped to ease my guilt and while she soothed the poor baby girl, I documented their sweet relationship. Mother and daughter, totally in love with each other.

Light in her SmileRing Bearer
Isn’t she so adorable???

SO unbelievably adorable. =)

Bright EyesAnd the lucky girl has two of the best big brothers in the world! This pic makes me feel like this little sister will be well looked after!
Tough Guys

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