The Shutterbug

img_4698I was given my first camera at the age of 11. It was purple with a yellow ring around the lens. My dad and I spent about an hour practicing how to load film into that little point and shoot. The next day I headed off to Science Camp with half of the six grade class where I bunked with my best friend, Maryanne. I don’t think I put that camera down much at all.

It wasn’t one of those crazy moments where I “found my bliss” though. The camera got put away and I went on my merry way playing in the percussion section and later the drumline in the band.

I rediscovered photography again in my early twenties in Black and White Photography course, where I got to develop my own film and make my own prints in the darkroom. That was it. I was a goner.


This beautiful family gave my the honor of capturing their youngest back in July when she was just a week old. Unfortunately, their son had tucked himself in for a nap, so we didn’t get a chance to take any of the family together. We made up for that this past Saturday. =)


I love capturing moments like these. That’s the magic of photography. You literally take a moment and freeze it. When it’s long gone, you can look at that single moment and a million memories spring forward. Time stands still forever in a photograph and patiently waits for you to remember.

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