Beautiful Miss E In April 2013- Newborn Photography

I’ve done infant photography before, but this was the first time I headed to the hospital to get pictures of the baby within days of her birth! Miss E was already finding her voice, so I was able to watch a skilled daddy and mommy soothe their little girl with songs and gentle bouncing. Oh, and the ever reliable binkie was on hand when all else failed.




Watching this momma and daddy was like watching a highly skilled dancer stretching. There was so much ease in it and so practiced that it seemed as though they had been parents all their lives. We talked and talked while they attended and admired their new baby girl. It was probably one of the most relaxed sessions I’ve ever been to!



About a week later I dropped by their home so I could snap a few shots with little brother. I spend a lot of time with this guy and he’s a super awesome kid. Most of the kids I know have a hard time adjusting to a new brother or sister, but not this little boy. You have never seen a more proud and excited big brother!