Lil Miss “S”- Newborn Photography

Not too long after my shoot with Kim and Bret, this little angle made her debut! She’s probably less than a week here, I believe. I’m able to do SO much more work with a bitty baby that’s less than a couple weeks old. Photographers and new parents alike, learn from my mistakes and don’t try to fudge that. You can get some amazing pictures of an older baby, but those sleepy mushy newborn pictures that everyone loves need to be done super soon after the baby is born. img_1947-01

My littlest son was looking in on a bit of the shoot, checking in and pointing out the baby over and over, just in case we missed her. lol My guy was nearly two years old at the time of the shoot and compared to this little baby, he seemed MASSIVE. It’s a huge reminder to enjoy every stage because it just zips by faster than you would believe!img_1914-01

I decided to go a little less gender norm with the pinks and purples and do something a little more classic, with warm neutrals with some feminine touches. I don’t like to get overly fussy with newborn photos. The beauty of new life speaks for itself. img_1830-01What I remember the most about this shoot, besides the fact that she was so utterly beautiful and small, was that she was veraciously hungry. She must have had 6 bottles in the two hours! She was eager to grow and to change. Don’t blink, Kim and Bret!