Walk in the Country- Family Portraits

These girls were made for the big time. Since the first day I visited their home, I have been at numerous productions that showcase their wide ranging talents! Some of these performances are completely improvisation and others are thoroughly scripted and rehearsed. Their fireplace often doubles as a stage and their creativity and resourcefulness seem boundless.

All this to say that these girls have no problem being in front of a camera! Now mind you, I’m still getting caught up and these photos are about 2.5 years old. Their affinity for the camera has only grown since!


Their momma ordered these custom dresses for them and paired them with the most adorable, girly boots for their Easter Finest! What better place to photograph than out in field?img_7608-01

I’ve been simply awed by their relationship with one another. These sisters have an incredible bond and sweetness. I’m so glad that I can count them among my friends!img_7722-01