When I Am Baptized- Baptism Portraits


This is my very special, first ever little niece. The one who made me an aunt and made my heart ache in the most beautiful and profound way. Watching her grow into a young lady has been a lesson in how fleeting time is. Each time I see her, she’s wiser and kinder. She’s gentle and clever. And oh, she’s just lovely, isn’t she?img_9446-01

Almost two years ago now, she had a very big day. She chose to be baptized and make a covenant to follow Christ. Her momma and I agreed that she needed some pictures to mark the event and the Oakland Temple seemed like a natural place to find that sweet and immersive Spirit.img_9499-01

I had so much fun leading her around the grounds and working to get her comfortable with the camera and letting her light shine. She radiates joy and faith. I wanted the world to see it, too.img_9458-01

Little one, always remember the beauty of this time. Remember the blessing that you are to all around you and that you are a Daughter of God. Know the power you have inside you, the gift of the Holy Ghost, that can lead your steps through this life. It will guild you in truth and in charity. It will embrace you in trial and pain. You have a path. You have a purpose. You have light and love inside you. You shine, little girl. img_9511-2-01

Stay true. Say bright. Stay strong. I love you.