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Christina Brunk grew up in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. She assures everyone that it is a real place an hour east of Los Angeles, and not just a place Bugs Bunny mentioned when making a wrong turn. She discovered her artistic inclinations when she began taking music lessons, first in a short-lived flirtation with the clarinet and later found her groove in the percussion section. She spent eight years of her youth in various ensembles and discovered her love for expression through non-verbal methods. She currently calls the San Francisco Bay area home.

Christina discovered the darkroom in 2006 during a Beginning Photography class at San Jose City College. It wasn’t long before she fell in love with photographic images and processing. She graduated from San Jose State University in Fall 2010 with a BA in Art; Studio Practice with an emphasis in Photography. She has been awarded the Peninsula Advertising Photographers Association (PAPA) Scholarship 2010, honored as SJSU President’s Scholar Spring 2010 and Spring 2011, and distinction as City of Milpitas Artist Summer 2009.

Christina’s commercial interests involve the challenges of portrait photography, specifically with capturing her subjects true identity and character. She enjoys creating an atmosphere where the subject feels relaxed enough to take off what she refers to as “camera face”, the canned expression most people wear for photographs.

Christina’s artistic endeavors primarily focus on her personal experiences surrounding family, illness, and phobias. This work is very much public therapy and themes often can be weighty, some involving alcoholism and infertility. She also enjoys working on a series called Trash the Dress. This series calls for formal gowns, beautiful young girls, and unexpected venues.

Although she keeps extremely busy, Christina enjoys working on scrapbooks in her spare time, preserving memories and treasured family snapshots. You can also find her in rare quiet moments with her head down in a chic-lit paperback book.