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Doozer’s 2nd Birthday

Today we celebrate our sweet puppy’s birthday! We don’t actually know the day he was born, except it was in August of 2010, so we picked a day right about in the middle… Continue reading

Spring is Here

I’ve been neglecting my camera lately. No good excuse, just doing other stuff. =) Luckily something whispered in my ear to take photos of the changes happening in my yard. With one planted… Continue reading


I’ve always been a dog person. Well, that’s not exactly true. My mom and dad brought home a poodle as a puppy when I was two and there were reports that I was… Continue reading

Tweet with Me

I finally did it! I signed up for a Twitter account for my photography. You can follow along with “What’s New” even easier than before! *wink* Click Here to find my profile Username:… Continue reading

Hawaiian Diversion- Part Three

Breathing underwater. Can you think of anything so unnatural? I can’t! My first attempt at this feat was with Snuba, an underwater adventure that utilizes an oxygen tank on a raft and a… Continue reading

Aquatic Adventure

My mom and I headed down to Monterey about a week ago to visit a place I LOVE, the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They do such an amazing job maintaining their habitats and I… Continue reading