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Oakland Temple Grounds

Surreal Woodlands

Spring is Here

I’ve been neglecting my camera lately. No good excuse, just doing other stuff. =) Luckily something whispered in my ear to take photos of the changes happening in my yard. With one planted… Continue reading

Long Time No See


Hawaiian Diversion- Part Two

Hope you enjoyed the flowers and surf in the last post! I had such a wonderful time there and I really try to share all that I felt while I was there. The… Continue reading

Hawaiian Diversion- Part One

Did you miss me? I haven’t been posting as often as usual because I found myself in paradise. Although it would be great to blog from Oahu, I found myself otherwise occupied. Forgive… Continue reading

How to Photograph a Waterscape

You are in a beautiful place, surrounded by moving water. You have your camera with you, but somehow every time you click the shutter, it doesn’t seem to represent the serenity you are… Continue reading

Walk before the Walk

I walked across a stage last Friday to receive recognition for completing my undergraduate education, but earlier in the day went on an equally wonderful walk. I took my mom for a walk… Continue reading

Don’t be so Negative (or do!)

My friend is hosting a fundraiser next Tuesday featuring handmade items to support Autism Speaks. I offered to do something to contribute and I’ve been working at getting prepped for it. Tonight I’m… Continue reading

On the Move

Saturday I spent most of the day with my camera in hand photographing wonderful people. But in the moments when there weren’t smiling faces in front of me, whether because I was waiting… Continue reading