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Take Note

What does it take to make a difference? Small and simple things. This past week, I took a skill that I learned and paid it forward by making something that will be up… Continue reading

Hang Me Up To Dry

I’m working on my Van Dyke prints and while giving them a final wash I had a an awesome song pop into my head. Please, enjoy! I especially love the ratchet at the… Continue reading

Don’t be so Negative (or do!)

My friend is hosting a fundraiser next Tuesday featuring handmade items to support Autism Speaks. I offered to do something to contribute and I’ve been working at getting prepped for it. Tonight I’m… Continue reading

Book Art

Sometimes I really love my classes at school. They push me to try new things and stretch my limits. I haven’t done very much with bookbinding in the past, just some very basic… Continue reading

Working Title and Raw Pages

For my “School Daze” Van Dyke Handmade book, I needed a visually interesting title. I don’t know where it came from, but I remembered I had some old school papers from when I… Continue reading