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Hang Me Up To Dry

I’m working on my Van Dyke prints and while giving them a final wash I had a an awesome song pop into my head. Please, enjoy! I especially love the ratchet at the… Continue reading

Don’t be so Negative (or do!)

My friend is hosting a fundraiser next Tuesday featuring handmade items to support Autism Speaks. I offered to do something to contribute and I’ve been working at getting prepped for it. Tonight I’m… Continue reading

Working Title and Raw Pages

For my “School Daze” Van Dyke Handmade book, I needed a visually interesting title. I don’t know where it came from, but I remembered I had some old school papers from when I… Continue reading

School Daze

As my days of schooling are coming to a close, I’m finding myself a little nostalgic. I’ve got another book project to work on for class so I did some shooting today that… Continue reading

Playful Duality

I needed a self portrait for an assignment due Monday, so this morning I decided to have a little fun. Since the assignment calls for yet another classic process (Van Dyke Printing) I… Continue reading

“Blue Print” for Success

I am thrilled that I get to share with you a more successful round of cyanotypes! I know that I still have some work to do in order to get them perfect, but… Continue reading

Struggling with Cyanotypes

Today I’ve spent most of the day prepping for and trying out my very first cyanotype prints. For those of you who are not familiar with cyanotype, it’s a process that was one… Continue reading