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Colleen and Bill- Family Portraits

Quick Update with some quick shots for these two lovebirds on a drizzly January day.

Brandy and Joey- Family Portraits

Now I have to be real here folks. If not for Brandy, the family I have today would not exist. I’m not exaggerating when I say that she literally saved us. We were… Continue reading

Lil Miss “S”- Newborn Photography

Not too long after my shoot with Kim and Bret, this little angle made her debut! She’s probably less than a week here, I believe. I’m able to do SO much more work… Continue reading

Kim and Bret- Maternity Photography

This couple were fun to work with. Super low key and up for almost anything! They were expecting their first born, and I think it’s so important to document this pivotal point in… Continue reading

Walk in the Country- Family Portraits

These girls were made for the big time. Since the first day I visited their home, I have been at numerous productions that showcase their wide ranging talents! Some of these performances are… Continue reading

Beautiful Miss E In April 2013- Newborn Photography

I’ve done infant photography before, but this was the first time I headed to the hospital to get pictures of the baby within days of her birth! Miss E was already finding her… Continue reading

Dusty Trails with the Jenkins

Walking these trails with the Jenkins Family was super fun. The kids sprinted ahead, anxious to see where the paths would lead and curious about animals living in the grasses. It was a… Continue reading

Preview- Jenkins Family

Had a nice afternoon with an energetic family! The kids were more interested in exploring the trails than taking pictures, but we managed to wrangle them and get some great shots. Just wanted… Continue reading

Fairchild Family

I had a wonderful day today. Why, you ask? Because I spent it in the company of great people who really know how to make my job as a photographer fun! The laughs… Continue reading

McMurdie Family

Q: What is the best recipe for great family photos? A: Fed, well rested children who respond well to silliness. 😛 This family was awesome to spend a Saturday morning with! The McMurdie’s … Continue reading