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Baby T. Rex- Newborn Photography

Long time no see, my friends! Please forgive me for my absence. I have taken a lot of time off from photography in order to focus more on our adoption. Now that I’ve… Continue reading

She’s Stunning

I don’t know what more to say. She really, really is and it only adds to the amazing young woman she is. How lucky I am to know so many wonderful human beings… Continue reading

Pettigrew Property

My uncle purchased some land in Redding, CA and is currently building a dream house for himself and his wife. Things have been moving along swimmingly, but long before they dug out the… Continue reading

Photographic Fusion

What’s working lately you ask? That would be multi-image photo assignment for my Advanced Black & White Photography class. Yep, people still use film, but it’s mostly us artsy fartsy types that are… Continue reading

Focusing on the Good

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks working on school assignments. I’ve been totally frustrated, first in coming up with decent ideas and then having trouble mastering the techniques I’m learning. On one… Continue reading