Kim and Bret- Maternity Photography


This couple were fun to work with. Super low key and up for almost anything! They were expecting their first born, and I think it’s so important to document this pivotal point in life. There they are, on the cusp of everything in their world changing forever. img_0753-01

There’s something a little foreign to me about pregnancy. I’ve never experienced that life-giving miracle for myself and I’m amazed just how much a women’s body can do. The way that room is made to nurture a child, both body and spirit, is confounding and beautiful.

Doesn’t this Mommy to Be have the most sparkly eyes and gorgeous glow?img_0785-01

I had the itch to do some more work in the water and luckily Kim was up for it! It’s not easy to float with a baby on board but luckily between some shallow water and some patience for all of us, we got just what I was hoping for.



The water almost makes time stand still and just weeks later, time would stand still again as their little girl was born.