Brandy and Joey- Family Portraits


Now I have to be real here folks. If not for Brandy, the family I have today would not exist. I’m not exaggerating when I say that she literally saved us. We were fostering our three boys and transitioning to adoption when my husband unexpectedly was laid off. It was our sole source of income and we were faced with the terrifying reality of our kids being removed from our home.

Brandy and my husband are both librarians and with zero hesitation, Brandy asked him to fill out an application and had him working within a matter of months. There are so many beautiful things I can say about her, but the biggest is how she saved me and my family in a time where so much was on the line. Her heart. Her love. Her kindness. Her charity. She is beautiful in every way and I’m so honored to have her friendship.

Brandy and Joey were made for one another, I think. They are so in love and make the best family and team. They share each other’s struggles and rejoice in their achievements. They laugh and love and give. Oh, how they give of themselves to make the world a better place.

I am so very blessed in friends. People that understand my heart unlike anyone else. Brandy is absolutely one of those friends. And though we’ve only lived in the same area for a matter of weeks, I am absolutely, 100% grateful for her every day of my life. img_2546-01